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 Iraj Mozaffari

Head Coach

Iraj is a long life volleyball player and coach. He is father of a girl and a boy teenage and family man.

Iraj played volleyball for 20 years in international and national levels. Then he began coaching different levels and ages team in clubs and national levels since 2003. 

These are some of his highlights:

  • International Coach diploma from FIVB (Levels 1 & 2)

  • Silver Medalist in 2017 USAV Open National Championships FOG Masters and Adult Volleyball team representing Canada

  • Designed a specific method of exercise which places an emphasis on mostly leg training workout to enhance overall strength, speed, agility and endurance which resulted in my team winning the Asian championship

  • 6 of my female players were accepted into the women national volleyball team of Iran

  • 12 years experience as a Volleyball coach in a national level for different age groups such as 11U, 13U, 15U, 18U and 19U, 21U as well as adult level

  • Achieved 3rd place in 2007 World Championship for 21U in Morocco (Assistant Coach)

  • Achieved 1st place in 2012 Asian Championship for 18U in Iran (Head Coach)

  • Achieved 4th place in 2013 World Championship for 19U in Mexico (Head Coach)

  • Participated in 2006 World Championship for adult in Japan (Assistant Coach)

  • Achieved 3rd place in 1997 Asian Men's Club Volleyball Championship in Lebanon (Team Captain)

  • Director of Tehran Volleyball Coach Association for 2 years


Ahmad Abouali


Ahmad is a crucial team member at TOOP O TOOR, he plays a role as our assistant coach. Ahmad was born in Tehran, Iran but moved to Canada in 1995.

As an accomplished man, he has a bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging (Radiology) and had been working as a Medical Radiation Technologist at Vancouver General Hospital since 1997.

Ever since he was in his youth, he has always been involved in sports such as taekwondo and soccer. But even then, volleyball has always been his favorite and he is incredibly passionate about the sport. Ahmad used to play primarily as a setter although he is skillful in all aspects of volleyball. In 2016, he helped Iraj found the TOOP O TOOR volleyball club.

With him as assistant coach, they then a proceeded to lead their U13 girls’ team to win first place at the 2019 BC club provincials. Due to his immense passion for his job and volleyball he has a very dedicated and focused character.

Ahmad’s love for helping others and devotion to volleyball make him the perfect assistant coach. He is also a married man who enjoys spending time with his family and friends and loves being involved with any kind of volleyball related activity.​​​​


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